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Meals on Wheels

The First Baptist Church of Monroe proudly serves with the Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lynchburg Area.

Our church is one of eight churches delivering meals for Madison Heights Route 4. The schedule for this ministry is once every seven weeks. Since we have fifteen dedicated workers, we operate as two alternating teams.

The meals are picked up on Odd Fellows Road in Lynchburg  between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m. The trip to deliver the meals takes about 1 hour more or less. There are usually six or seven stops for seven to eight people; however, this number can vary at times. The schedule for this year is listed below for your information.

Team 1  2019

Monday            Ric & Nita Valiente           (434-444-1953)
Tuesday           Benita Unrue                   (434-942-7443)
Wednesday      Wendell Carwile               (434-238-7409)
Thursday          Ric & Nita Valiente           (434-444-1953)
Friday               Chip Scrivener                 (434-386-8009)

Team 2  2019

Monday                     Dan & Elva McMillan (434-929-0021)
Tuesday                    Tommy Woody           (434-946-9018)
Wednesday               Mark & Sheila Wood  (434-929-4511)
Thursday                   Lillian Floyd                (434-929-7420)
                                 Melissa Wrenn           (434-386-8151)
      Friday                     Robbie Williams         (434-444-1233)    

Team 1 2019 Dates:

January 14-18
April 8-12
July 1-5
September 23-27
December 16-20

Team 2 2019 Dates:

February 25-March 1
May 20-24
August 12-16
November 4-8


Anyone can volunteer to assist the Meals on Wheels Program of the Greater Lynchburg Area by calling 434-847-0796 or

To serve others is a very important ministry of our church.  

Ric & Nita Valiente are the coordinators of this ministry for our church.