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New Building Fund Campaign -"Building for Blessings"

Our church has a campaign called the "Building for Blessings". We have started a campaign to raise funds for this new addition to our church. We have added a new fellowship hall and kitchen to our upstairs area to help the seniors in our church so they do not have to go downstairs to any of our church events. This will really help them.

We have a Donor Tree that will allow you to have your name on a leaf or "in memory of someone" leaf (see explanation below).

If you would like to make a donation and have your name on the Donor Tree, it would be most appreciated. We would also mail you out a form at the end of the year showing this donation for tax purposes. We have a way for you to donate online or you could mail a check to us.  This website has a section at the top of the page listed "donate now".  It will give you the instructions on how to do this.  We are also including the information on what we are doing in case you would like more input to our campaign. We have also included some "samples" of what the different things look like on the tree. If you have any questions, please call the church office number 434-929-3764 and the secretary will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We would love to have your support.  May God bless you.Church- Building for Blessings (4)-page-0.jpgBuilding for Blessingsp2 001.jpgBuilding for Blessingsp3 001.jpgChurch - Donor Tree Pledge Page (3)-page-0.jpgDonor Tree.JPGDonor Leaf (1).JPGBuilding for Blessingsp4 002.jpgDonor Rock.JPG